Buy-to-let Property investment opportunities

Gain a passive income and appreciation on your investment

buy-to-let investment opportunities

Here at IBSO we can help guide investors into buy-to-let investing – purchase and disposal of current buy-to-let properties – or expand their buy-to-let investment portfolio.

For investors looking to acquire suitable buy-to-let properties, we have investment opportunities sourced directly from private sellers, local agents, property professionals and a continuous marketing campaign.

For existing buy-to-let investors wishing to dispose of their current buy-to-let investment property / properties – we will make an offer to purchase the property from you directly – simply call us on 0843 88 69 555 or request a call back to discuss the property.

For investors looking to expand their buy-to-let portfolios we have investment opportunities sourced from advertising campaigns, trade contacts, private sellers, property agents and industry professionals. Simply, register your interest to be notified of new investment opportunities by either requesting a call back, completing our web form or calling us on 0843 289 5051.


Ideal for investors who are:

  • Previous property investors
  • High net worth individuals
  • Private first time investors
  • Retirement planning
  • Investing pension payouts
  • Investing inheritance & savings
Buy-to-let Property Investment overview:

  • Long term investment strategies
  • Hands off investing – wealth creation with zero time commitment
  • Passive income on the investment
  • Higher returns then saving schemes and ISA’s
  • Lower risk compared to stocks & business investment


The Entry Level Of A Typical Buy To Let Investment

  1. A deposit of 25% of the purchase price is used to buy the property
  2. The remaining 75% of the properties purchase price is financed using a buy to let mortgage
  3. Mortgage lenders typically want the rent to cover 125% of the mortgage repayments

We Also Provide An Additional Property Management Service Provided To IBSO Investors

We can provide investors with a complete property management service including finding properties, finding tenants, credit checks, rent agreements, maintenance, rent collection, evictions and every aspect of managing a property making the investment completely hands off, wealth creation with absolutely zero time commitments.


To register your interest… speak with one of our property investment advisers by calling 0843 289 5051 or requesting a call back.

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